January 26, 2013

sahabat dunia dan akhirat

a friend gives hope when life is low
a friend is a place when you have no where to go
a friend is honest
a friend is true and
a friend is precious..

to the world you are someone
but..to someone you are the world :D

some friends walk in and out of my life
but someone as caring and true as you
leaves a foot MARK on my heart forever..

the gift of true friendships is that it takes us by the hand and remind us we are "NOT ALONE"
in the journey of life

life ends when you stop dreaming..
hope ends when you believing
love ends when you stop caring
friendship ends when you stop sharing...

the true friendship is like a pretty flower
worn close to be heart
never gets withered by age
but gets more beautiful with time..

i thought of you today 
as i so often do wanted to let you know
i was REMEMBERING you..


  1. Dalam membina persahabatan sejati,tidak semudah apa disangka.Mentari tidak selalunya menyinar,begitu juga dengan persahabatan..Kadang kala,kita berselisih faham dalam sesuatu perkara..dan percayalah,itu akan mengeratkan lagi hubungan persahabatan yang terjalin selagi tidak menjejaskannya.Cikgu Aida,sy harap kata-kata ini menjadi pegangan awak:
    "A real relationship has fight,trust,faith,tears,pairs,arguments,patience,secrets,jealous and love"..
    Keep smile on your life:))

  2. thanks sbb bg kata2 perangsang..insyaAllah sy pegang kata2 tu :)